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Social Media & Digital Technology in Business

Digital technology is all current and developing Internet-based technology, from social media to wearables, from apps to cloud computing and from Augmented Reality to the Internet of Things, among many others. All of these technologies are forging a place within the workplace at a pace that we are should i buy instagram followers usually not conscious of. The business of the future is one that embraces these new forms of tech to stay ahead of the competitive game. Digital technology manifests itself as a multi-functional asset that has become a necessary tool for any type of business that seeks to secure a spot in both digital and traditional marketplaces. How to make sense of what is happening in the fast-changing tech world? How to understand where to look, and which technology to discard? How is digital tech affecting your business right now? How will it affect your business in the future? How not to survive, but to create new competitive edge in a new business landscape? What used to be easily achieved by traditional websites has now switched towards the need for understanding the responsive and robust nature of the tools that digital technology offers. And that is exactly what we can do for you here at TechXB. Our goal is to help you put your business in a strategic position via digital technology and show you what is really happening between you, your competitors and your customers. Through our different TechXB Academy course programmes, and our several Tech XB Consulting services, we provide the resources to keep you updated on the best digital tactics to not only increase competitive edge, but also to create new business advantage within a very fast-changing market.

social media

What is a “social business,” and why is it so effective?

Over the past two decades, the internet has disrupted the way companies operate in a huge way—it’s almost unimaginable to think how we got anything done without it! Now, we’re seeing that same transformation in the social realm—businesses are moving beyond having just a Facebook page or Twitter account, buy 300 instagram followers and they’re incorporating social functions into everyday business processes and decisions, from sales and marketing to HR and product development. It’s really a shift in the way we work, communicate, collaborate, and share expertise with each other. Social businesses use social tools to listen to customers, spur innovation, identify new market opportunities, and create a smarter, more effective workforce. For example, IBM is one of the most prolific users of social networking in the industry and one of the largest corporate-wide social media communities. Every IBMer has a social network page, as well as access to thousands of internal information sources, blogs, communities, wikis, and instant messaging. IBM takes social networking seriously—to develop products and services, enable sellers to find and stay connected with clients, train the next generation of leaders, and build awareness among clients, influencers, and other communities.

What do you expect social business to look like in five years? Or 10?

In five years, I hope to see social truly integrated in all aspects of all types of businesses. We already know social business works amazingly well for large enterpriseshow do you buy followers on instagram with multiple locations and large geographic territories. But it also works for small businesses and startups. It’s just a matter of having the wherewithal to recognize the opportunity and start the transformation into a social business. It's already happening to some degree—we’re seeing social being effectively utilized within marketing, sales, and IT. But there's so much more potential. In 10 years, social won’t even be a question. In the same way we don’t question using the internet to conduct business now, we won’t be questioning the use of social tools. It will be so ingrained that we’ll have a hard time imagining how we ever did anything without it!

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