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Integrating SEO and Social Media Marketing Activities

Yet often the people working on these marketing activities buy real instagram followers cheap for brands and their agencies are in different teams. Particularly in large organisations, there can be silos which mean the two activities aren’t integrated. I know from talking to marketers attending training courses that this situation is being improved as barriers between teams are broken down. Increasingly we’re seeing combined responsibility for social media and SEO, and teams and agencies responsible for SEO, social media and PR are working more closely together. The importance of this for success was hammered home once on an Advanced SEO course where I asked attendees to give a top tip based on their experience of SEO. One attendee, working for a mobile network service didn’t give a specific SEO technique, but instead suggested that encouraging teams responsible for SEO, social media, PR and web teams to meet more frequently was the key to success.

Social Media Marketing Activities

Identify themes for target keywords

Don’t start with detailed lists of target keywords, instead start with a much shorter set of themes. These should mirror custom concerns as they search for content and share what they’re interested in. For a mobile phone network or buy instagram followers that like your photos manufacturer, for example, consumer search behaviours include searches for different brands and types of phones like camera phones, plus selection criteria like features, pricing or information about the latest models.

Define target keywords and review current effectiveness

Next we produce a more detailed target list of phrases, grouped by the themes or behaviours we identified in 1. The key here is grouping – don’t just use a long list of random keywords how to buy instagram followers for free sorted by popularity. Analytics tools and keyword research tools can be used here to perform a Search gap analysis, which enables you to explore potential visitors against actual visitors. Social media listening tools using similar themes can be used to compare against topics discussed in social networks and forums.

Develop content marketing approach to target keywords

Success in SEO today is no longer about following best practice rules of online copywriting for SEO or building links. Instead it’s based on developing engaging content that helps buy cheap instagram followers attract the right type of visitor and will be shared through social media. Social listening tools can be used find specific interests by finding which types of content in the sector are shared well. In the next article I’ll explain an approach we recommend to identify the right types of content. Finally, you need to develop an operational calendar across each quarter to implement the content themes you have agreed. This can include editorial calendars and detailed calendars. Social listening tools are also helpful here to find the influencers you can seed content to.

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